Partners of Student Furniture


I*ESN is the network in which the world of Tilburg and that of the international student come together. If you want to know anything about the city, get to know fellow students (both Dutch and Internationals), want to participate in social activities or if you are looking for a place to stay, I*ESN is there to get you started. For this reason, Student Furniture is proud to work together with such a good team of students, who know what the international student really needs. Together, we will make your stay here as pleasant as possible


Starterslift is a non-profit organisation with support from the Dutch government. It aims to help startups to become successful companies in today’s rapidly developing economy. With the help of their experienced entrepreneurs and professional network, they provide us the perfect background for a kick-start in the corporate world. We have a shared belief that customer development is key in providing a service that directly benefits our customers. By continually adjusting our concept and service to our clients wishes, we are able to improve our product and create real value for our customers.

Lamers Tielemans

Lamers Tielemans advocaten, is a well respected dutch law firm specialized in corporate law. By working together with Lamers Tielemans we have a unique opportunity to present our clients with professionally made contracts, which are clear, straightforward and complete. This ensures that both parties know what they can expect, and allows for a smooth rental period. Lamers Tielemans shares our views about the opportunities that lay in the housing market, and believes in the long term future of StudentFurniture, and how it can change the housing market for International students. We are honored to call them our partner.
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Housing Anywhere

Housing Anywhere is a housing platform where people can rent out rooms to international students. It originally started as a platform where outgoing exchange students can rent out their rooms when they go abroad. Incoming exchange students can rent these rooms. Nowadays, it's a global platform where demand & supply of rooms for international students meet each other. The services of Housing Anywhere and StudentFurniture complement each other well, since students who rent unfurnished accommodation from Housing Anywhere can furnish their room with StudentFurniture. We are very happy to announce them as our partner!